VTB Accelerator
An opportunity for fintech startups to use expert assistance to finalize their projects and launch pilots
Program completed
The best projects will have an opportunity to work with VTB – one of the largest financial groups in Russia
About VTB group

VTB Group is a global provider of financial services, comprised of over 20 credit institutions and financial companies operating across all key areas of the financial markets. In 2017 VTB Group created the Digital Strategy aimed at the increase of quality and efficiency of business-processes, reliability and flexibility of IT-systems and new competitive advantages due to implementation of new technologies.

Scope of projects:

We are looking for startups at least at MVP stage, whose products are potentially viable within VTB Group

Big Data&Analytics
  • Applied systems for customer financial data processing, building consolidated reports and financial models
  • Identifying irregulatiries in data stream (amount, transaction date/time, specific contractors, nonstandard entries).
  • Using data analysis to identify consistent patterns in data streams
  • Big data clustering based on non-standard methods (date, event, customer, subject of inquiry)
  • Predictive analysis of customer's credit status based on publicly available information, customer's transactional activity and internal financial data
  • Auxiliary analysis for customer based on bank data and preserving bank secrecy
  • Analyzing customer's behavior in remote channels to define potential problems and negative customer experience
  • Collecting and analyzing data on customer from publicly available sources
Scoring technologies:
  • Analytical systems for customer financial data processing
  • Automated scoring of applications for bank guarantees collected via electronic document flow systems
  • Multi-currency payment systems based on distributed ledger technologes inside a limited group of banks
Artificial intelligence:
  • Chatbots
  • Voice bots
  • Robo-advising
  • Platforms for corporate call centers that include voice and speech recognition for building automated applications
  • Creating an integrated user-friendly ecosystem for communication of project-oriented teams (slack / chat / chatbot / mobile access)
  • Ways to register customer interactions (e.g., via tasks in email or messenger, or via recording and recognizing voice meeting recaps)
Digital platforms for employees' new skills acquisition (e.g., AR/VR)
Solutions for AML/CFT business process automation and centralization

(Anti-Money Laundering, Combating the Financing of Terrorism)

Solutions to simplify document exchange and create standard form contracts

(including via text recognition systems)

Cyber Security
«Know your customer» technologies
  • Analyzing customer's behavior in remote channels to define potential problems and negative customer experience
  • Collecting and analyzing data on customer from publicly available sources
New Banking Products and Customer Communication Tools
  • Solutions minimizing the duration of customer-bank interactions
  • Customer onboarding solutions (creating user-friendly marketplaces, services, modules, and banking products), and teaching customers to use them
  • Lead generation services
  • Personalized banking services
  • B2G solutions (automated data collection from government entities for customers)
  • Gamification
  • Solutions to collect customer feedback
  • New financial and non-financial products
  • Marketplaces
  • New services to process and analyze customer transactions
Investment management
  • Customer investment profiling based on analysis of operations / publications / language)
  • Support systems for financial analysts and investment managers (including notifications and suggestions based on news flow analysis, automatic creation/updating of financial models based on data disclosed by companies, automatic analysis of factors influencing financial indicators, identifying anomalies in companies' activities based on financial reports, news mentions, etc.)
  • Investment Training
  • Solutions and services to simplify the investment process (including gamification). Technologies for user-friendly document signing with fortified electronic signature (for simplified integration in web- and mobile apps)
  • Analyzing customer activity for segmentation and targeting purposes
  • Analysis and digital capture of voice flow
Why Accelerate?
Test and elaborate your pilot products in cooperation with VTB Group
Free for startups!

Benefits for Founders:

Working directly with VTB Bank
Each startup at our Accelerator has a facilitator from VTB Group to help develop the pilot
Mentors & Coaches
During acceleration, mentors and experts help startups package their product in terms of marketing, sales, legal matters, and global outreach
Tech and business coaching from leading experts in the market
Understanding the internal business models of a large bank
Future implementation of your project
Opportunity to attract investment from VTB

Event Calendar

24.05.18 – 31.08.18
Collection of applications
01.09.18 – 30.09.18
15.10.18 – 20.10.18
until 15.12.18
February - April 2019
April 2019


1, Nobel st., Innovation Center Skolkovo, Moscow
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